Losing 100% of Console Logs whenever an error happens at the beginning of the script

This is happening with the old release of P4C but I assume the new version would produce the same effect.

In my script I wrote lot of prints, my logs are quite long, I never had a problem before.

(Notice the header (Magical header) lines of code appearing inside the console)

Logs started to appear as usual until everything is erased and replaced with the contents in the screenshot above.

The only thing different in this error is that my error, contrary to usual errors occuring at the end of the script within latest lines of code, it occurs at the beginning of the script (about 25%).

Is there a way to keep the FULL LOG of console instead?

Note: To be clear, I am used to have first lines of the console logs dissapear whenever the max length of logs has been reached and the need to write more logs happens.
However, THIS TIME it is different, 100% of the log dissapeared and were replaced with the text of the screenshot.

Edit: It seems to be happening (but differently) even if the error did not occure at the beginning. Maybe I put too too many prints that any error occuring would delete all logs?

(This time the first lines of code of the script did not appear inside the console like in the first image)

By default the buffer allocated to the console is limited in size which is usually not an issue. You can try to remove the limit in the preferences menu Window / preferences:

You can uncheck “Limit console output”.
I think it should help.

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That’s what I needed, thanks!

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