Looking for examples of complex Functional Chain Description diagrams


I am looking for examples of complex Functional Chain Description diagrams as I didn’t find in the help how to specify for example AND or IT (Iterate) control nodes expressions.

I was not able to find examples in the Inflight Entertainment System demo project (except if I have missed something obvious).

Examples or even better, a formal specification of Functional Chain Description diagram elements are very welcome.

Thank you.

Did you look at the documentation? (Help->Help Contents and then Capella Guide->Diagrams->Functional chain description)

I think so:

Am I missing anything?

For example, how to specify a condition, an iteration, …?

What the sequencing rules applicable to a FCD?

Thank you and sorry to ask these basic questions.

I will let more knowledgeable people answer this one, but in the meantime, I think this video should offer you some answers: What's new in Capella 1.4? (by Thales) | Webinar Capella - YouTube


6 minutes of video that definitively make you wanting to learn more about FCDs. :grinning:

Found this in slideshare dot net (which I am not happy to mention here):

In the presentation, many important and precise definitions and rules were presented then back in 2019. 3 years after, this knowledge must have evolved and be documented somewhere.

Right I forgot about this one - here is the link to the full video: Functional chains with Arcadia and Capella: Concepts and exploitation (by Thales) | Webinar Capella - YouTube

Thank you but a video, even excellently made like this one, is not here to replace definitions or user manuals on this topic.

Hi see that @SBonnet who authored the video is on this forum.

Would be great to have your inputs @SBonnet .