Looking for Capella talent to help with modelling

Hi everyone

I’m looking for a talented person who can help with technical modeling but also with sharing a bit of the experience on the Capella platform.
Engagement is foreseen to start in December and last for 2-3 months.
I think it might be interesting as cases are related to biotech.

If this is not a good place for such a question please navigate me elsewhere :slight_smile:


Hi Tom,

Looks like a good place, and would you have a job posted on LinkedIn as well so that I may relay it?


Would send you a PM but no idea, how to do so on this new forum.

if you click on my profile, you should be able to message me

Hi Kuba , sorry for late response I have no idea how this forum works to reply you in private message

Hi Stephane

Same here , no idea how to write on prv.

Hi guys,

To send a private message, just click on the recipient’s name. His profile should be displayed, including a ‘message’ button.

Kind regards,

In my case for some reason both buttons are missing … hmm

Hum, probably due to my admin rights… I will check that.

In the meantime, you can contact Stephane using his LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lacrampe/

FYI, private messages are allowed from Trust Level 1 (basic user). So, in short, if you continue using the forum you should obtain this feature.

Thank you Samuel!
It’s clear now.