Links update on the rich text widget (documentation tab)

Hi, I have been using the link feature in the rich text widget in the description of capella elements to point to other elements, for example, for describing steps in use case narratives within Capabilities. I only noticed lately that the links (which are created with the names of the elements as link texts) are not updated when we change the target elements names. Is that correct?

Example case:

Create function f1
Create capability C1
In the description tab of C1 include the description:
“System performs f1” (f1 being the link to f1).
Change f1 name to ‘changed_f1’
C1 description still reads:
“System performs f1” (f1 being the link to what now is function ‘changed_f1’).

C1 description reads:
“System performs changed_f1”

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