Linking Operational Roles with Mode State Machines and Operational Entity Scenarios


How to Operational Roles work with OES, MSM and, Actors/Entity activity allocation.

I’m going back and forth between OA and SA. I have come to the conclusion there are several actors and entities that can share responsibilities (e.g., the machine manager can do most of the things the machine driver can do, hence he can assume the role of driver when needed).

I have gone back and reworked OAB and OES to:

  • create driver and manager roles;
  • allocate activities to those roles;
  • allocate those roles (with the allocated activities) to entities, i.e., the manager has both the manager and driver roles
  • recreated OES to have roles instead of entities.

See the below pictures
Roles with activities:

Roles allocated to actors/entities:

I can no longer represent MSM in OES for roles, neither can I represent activities for entities (because they are all allocated to the roles, even though the roles are allocated to the entities). I can only seem to add MSM to entities. In the picture my intention was to transfer the state fragments from the entities to the roles and delete the entities (or, as I originally thought I could do, leave the diagrams with the entities represented and elsewhere in OAB, or ORB show the allocation of the roles)

The problem I now have is in the semantic browser, the entities have allocated roles but no allocated activities. Similarly the roles do not have the MSM associated with them and I cannot create a MSM for a role, hence I cannot show the states and modes of the entities (roles) on my OES.

Can someone please explain how these concepts are linked and how they should be correctly implemented in my case.

Many thanks

Can someone please shed some light on this please?