Linking Constraints to Constraints - Visible on Diagram


It is possible to use the Requirements Plug in to show traceability between different textual requirements. But this is not really the intended purpose of the Requirements Plug in.

Constraints express textual requirements within the model in more integrated manner.

However, it is sometimes useful to have textual requirements linked to other higher level textual requirements to show traceability.

You cannot constrain a constraint using the “Constraint Element” in the Palette.

Linking can be done for constraints using the Wizards–>Trace Manager however no links are shown on the diagram.

Is it possible to show Trace Manager Links on the Diagram? How would you show linking of constraints to constraints? Is it just best to use the Requirements Viewpoint for managing all textual requirements?

Example illustrating what I mean shown below.

Thanks, Josh

Hi Josh,

I don’t think this is feasible with Capella right now, what’s feasible is to have a small extension viewpoint that adds this capability. It would be around a day of work to do this, maybe a little bit more if you want it an all possible diagrams. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you’re interested.

Stephane Lacrampe
ObeoSoft Canada


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