Linking a Capella module in the Requirement VP

Is it possible in the Requirement add-on to make a relation between model objects (Function, Actor, System, etc…) and Capella modules? (the objects in which requirements and requirement folders can only be placed)
Currently from my experience with the add-on, Capella modules, as opposed to Requirement and Requirement Folder objects, cannot be allocated to another object. Moreover, requirements in a module cannot be allocated internally (allocated to other requirements) when said module is placed under another object. The later results in modules piling up under the Logical Architecture tab or any other view in the model explorer.
Are those bugs or was it intended that modules cannot be linked to model objects in any way?
PS: I’m using Capella 1.2.1 and version 0.9.1 of the Requirement viewpoint. I had the same issue in older versions.

Bot being able to directly link a module to a model element is not a bug. It has never been the intent of tjhis add-on to make that possible (because this need did not emerge when we worked on the specification).
If there is a bug today (compared to the intended use of the tool) it is that you can drag and drop a module under any element. This should be prevented.
Why to you need to multiply modules?

Thank you for your reply.
I’m using modules to represent specification documents within my model, and in a way emulate requirement management on DOORS. For example, I have assigned a module for each sub-systems (system requirement documents), logical components (technical specififcations) and physical components (technical requirement specifications). That way I can arrange requirements on several levels of Capella from System Analysis to Physical Architecture.

ok I understand, this makes sense.
The evolution should not be too big, but we cannot guarantee it will be implemented quickly. Could you register an evolution reuqest in the Capella bugzilla?
https:// roduct=Capella&resolution=—
The object would be to provide visibility towards the elements in module that are located under other kind of element than Capella perspectives. And also to allow the creation of modules directly under these elements (to be consistent)

Thanks again. I submitted the request on Bugzilla. I hope this can help improve the handling of modules and requirements on complex models.

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