Library PAB big problem

Hello all,
I started with capella.
I create one library for shared with many project, and i use the REC/RPL.
But capella have break and supprime all REC and links in library.
However, when i go in my project the RPL is present. But because Libbrary don’t run my project can’t run, and i can’t use my library in another project.
I tried all method in capella for repair my file (repair, replace, compare), but all methods doesn’t run.
I want to know if there is a another method for repair my library and found my link and my REC. And if i can recover one old file version.
Please i need your help! i work on this project since one week.
Thanks all,

The information you are providing are not sufficient for us to really help you. A few things worth knowing:
From a project, you can manage the dependencies towards libraries. If you specify your project does not depend anymore from a library, you should be able to open the project even if the library is not in the workspace.
When you delete a REC in a library, the RPLs are never deleted. This has to be a manual operation to be performed from the project.
It is generally a good idea to export your model as a zip archive (or copy the model and representation files) every now and then as backup, in case you need to come back to a previous state. It would even be better to manage the file in configuration, but this would be another topic.