LFBD zoom problem

I have a problem with the LFBD diagram.
When I move my LFBD diagram, it believe as if the diagram was larger than real.
See on the images below :
Diagram created automatically :
Diagram with moved tiles so they all belong to one only screen :
If I use the reset origin button, I finish by loosing my diagram.
Is there any option somewhere to correct what I believe to be a bug ?
NB : I am using Capella 1.10

One or two posts already mentioned this issue. It has been fixed in the August release of Capella(1.1.2).
You will need to delete your existing diagram an recreate one.

Oh sorry for the extra posting.
I am not very efficient with the search engine of this forum and did not find any post about zoom or lfbd.
By the way, thank you for the rapid answer and the corrected bug.