Layout differences in compare view but not in git

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I will try to clarify my title
When I perform a compare using the EMF diff/merge between my model opened in capella and the HEAD revision in git, and although there are no differences, i.e. nothing to commit, I still get several (possibly hundreds/thousands in my actual work model) of “layout” diffs, but those diffs are not “real”, at least I cannot commit them and then get a clean diff.

I think there might be something wrong with my model, and capella is “correcting” the layout somehow when it opens it, hence the diffs ?
Has someone faced this problem ?

I know I can filter the layout differences in the diff/merge view since 5.1.0 (see answers to my previous post, but I would rather not have these spurious diffs in the first place.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!



You may want to check the “EMF Diff/Merge Guide” chapter in Capella Help.
The Capella diff/merge is about comparing the semantic data in the .capella file (or .melodymodeller file in older versions). The differences in layout are not considered in this case.

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I thinks it’s a bug from Capella which tries to apply some technical migration on the diagrams when performing a comparision with a previous commit.
You can ignore the differences for now.
I think the bug will be resolved in next version.

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Ok, good to know,
Would “next version” be 6.0 ?
In case anyone has a link this particular bug report I am interested

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Issue is #2256 but not yet planned for 6.0 release.