Labels in State Diagrams

When I create a state diagram, I can’t find out how to get the names of the transitions to display as labels, as shown in the on line documentation.
I’m using what I think is the Beta version of Capella 1.2 for Mac:
Version: 1.2.0
Build id: 201708221512
Also, is there an explanation anywhere of the semantics and purpose of the various attributes in the “State” object?

In order to get a label on the transitions, you should use the fields triggers, guard or effect.
The name of the transition is not displayed and is not really important.
In order to know more about State Machine diagrams, please have a look at
You will get explanation about the different elements of a state machine and the semantic behind it.
Regarding the attributes of the State object, there is only two thing that you will not find in the link above:

  • the “state realization” field is use to make a traceability link with a state defined in a upper Arcadia step (e.g. SA if you are in LA)
  • the “Operational Activities / Functions” field is used to define what is available, in complement of what is really actuated (entry, do activity and exit fields)
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