Label position to top

Let me ask one question.
How can I move the label position of “System Function” block in SAB from center to TOP of the block?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

You can go to the “Style” tab in the properties view, and change the “Label Position” from “node” to “border”.

Obeo Canada

Thx a lot for the answer.
In this case, the label is located outside of the border. Is it possible to set the label inside the block?

I do not think this is possible right now, see this thread (especially the response from @LaurentRedor) where an attempt was made but then it was reverted/


Hi Stephane,
The thread, you referred to, is not for the same problem. It concerns label on border.

For the initial problem, I confirm, there is no way to change the vertical alignment. Only the horizontal alignment is handled by Capella/Sirius for a Node (see “Label Alignment” in the “Style” tab in the properties view).

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