Issues with Summary and description filling (Capella 1.2.1)

I’m having issues filling description and summary of my Capella model. In fact, when I fill the description part, save it, and open it again, the text disappears except the first letter of the text!same for summary, when I open the wizard and start to fill the text an exception occurs “An error has occurred. See error log for more details.The widget is disposed”
Do you have any clue?
Best kinds,

Hello Nesrine,
Could you send us the details of the error?
In order to do so you need to open the “Error Log” view (Windows / Show view / Other) then double click on the error.

Oh yes sure!
here attached.

Hello Nesrine,
it seems that rich text plugin (or its integration) is a bit buggy. Currently you have to use “Save” button in a “Description” tab directly to store full description. If you just click “Finish” without saving, only few letters will remain.