Issue with System to Sub System Transition Add On

Anyone have a problem of SubsystemTransition-updateSite- installing on Capella 1.3.0?
I tried to transition some components, however the dialog box of “Transition Options” did not appear for further selection.
Apparently, some dialogue boxes pop out for 1s and then disappeared.

I did also transition some components with that add-on on Capella 1.3.0 without experiencing any issue.
However, I remarked that you were mentioning SubsystemTransition-updateSite- I doubt that it could be a problem with the installation.
In fact, it should be the “dropin” to be installed instead of the “updateSite”.
Can you please download the add-on “drop-in” here and try it again? ion/dropins/releases/1.3.0/SubsystemTransition-dropins-1.3.0
If you still have that issue, please give more details so that it could be helped by someone in the forum.
Best regards,
Cong Bang DO