Is there a way to automate operations in Capella by using scripts?

Greetings, everyone. I am wondering if there is a built-in script engine for Capella? something like VBA for Excel. Specifically, I have the following needs:
We are now modeling an electric car by using Team for Capella, there are about 20 more sub-systems in this project. I am the PM, and I use the Progressing Monitoring functionality to generate project weekly reports, this functionality is wonderful since it gives detailed statistics. The problem is that everytime I want to update the report, I have to click and open every models -> right click -> Progressing Monitoring -> Metrics -> Export as CSV, Is there a way by using a script to automate these operations?

It is possible to execute command lines for Capella.
You can find information on this in the embedded help: Help / Help Contents, then Capella Guide / User Manual / Command Line Support.
Command lines can be executed from a .bat file. If you use Team for Capella, you have a Jenkins for administration of the server.
You can use this Jenkins in order to periodically execute the command lines (e.g. update your weekly reports daily).
So far, the progress monitor is not supported by command lines.
It would need a bit of Java programming in order to support this, but it could greatly help you!

Hi, maybe you want to try out Groovy for Capella. It allows you to execute groovy scripts inside the Capella runtime. There are many potential uses for it, yours might be a fit. Here are some more basic examples: ugins/org.polarsys.capella.groovy.ui/examples/capella.groovy .example/src/capella/groovy/example
You can download builds for Capella 1.3 here. /
Once installed, you can create the example project via New->Other->Groovy->Capella Groovy Example Project
Note that this project doesn’t follow any defined release cycle. I fix things as they come up, given I have time (usually I have no time…).
Feel free to ask more specific questions if you need to

Yes, scripting should allow you to do this on your own.
Note, if the need is recurrent or complex to maintain, we can also consider to improve the progress monitoring feature in a future release.

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