Is MBSE and Capella the right tool for us?

Hiya all,
My company is relatively new to the idea of formal SE, and are looking at the best way of doing it. Due to our business, we have a set of missions that need to be fulfilled by system(s) that contain sub-systems (i.e. products which are sold) which can be in one or many systems. This means that there become multiple ways to solve a mission’s (and the businesses’) needs and I was starting to create a relational database to help model this to see how much of any mission’s needs are solved by any specific solution. I realised that is I was probably just doing MBSE and found Capella thinking it might be better then making my own thing.

To hopefully explain a bit, imagine there are 10 missions describing 10 houses (i.e. systems), many with the same or similar ‘sub systems’, but differing in thing like size, or features. Some of the ‘systems’ may be apartments with 2 small rooms, some mansions with 20 large rooms plus a pool. Is Capella the right tool to be able to list the needs of each mission and then compare each system to each mission to see how much of that system (i.e. hits 10/15 needs completely fulfilled, or 3/15 partially, 2/15 not at all)

Hi, sounds like variant management is what you do.

IMO Capella is too complex for your use case, maybe a requirements management tool would suffice? Some RM tools support managing product variants or requirement reuse across multiple projects, e.g. ReqView does this using linked projects. If you later find out that you need Capella’s capabilities, you can use ReqIF to sync requirements between the two tools.