Is it possible to perform an automated transition of "State machines" and other diagrams?

Hello, I had one operationel Entity, that I transfered to a system actor.
That OE had a State machine associated to it,

Is it possible to transition that State machine aswell?


Yes it is possible:

  • select the Mode or state machine from the project explorer
  • right click on it and you will be able to transition it to the next perspective
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So you can do it manually but not automatically, good to know though.

However, It does not seem to transfert it directly to the same entity.
Example: if you have an operational entity and you transition it into a system actor,
then when you do the process you shared with a state machine associated to the operational entity, it would NOT be transitioned to the system actor, it goes instead under “System”.

I wonder how that would work between Actor sytem and logical actor.
Anyway, now i need to find a way to transfert the “system” machine state to my “system actor”…
edit: Drag and drop works.

Furthermore it seems it would not transition the “diagram” MSM, only the states.
Example below, region 1 was made by hand, while region 2 was transfered from operational to analysis system (Loss of the diagram somehow?)