Is it possible to develop with an object oriented progamming paradigm in Capella Studio?

Since I have not been able to import certain libraries to my design plugins ( Has anyone have his libraries dissapear from the dependencies after regenerating the viewpoint? - Capella Studio & Kitalpha - Eclipse Capella Forum (, The idea of importing another java project (containing said plugins) and containing some code, came up.

No errors inside either packages (java package and design openjavaservice program)
I was able to create the object from the other package with the constructor,
But for some reason, the openjavaproject of the design plugin of my viewpoint in Capella Studio just STOPS when I call the constructor from the other package.
Of course the other package has been added to projects in the Build Path and no error is shown anywhere.

Does it have to do with “generation”, not taking in account the libraries of the imported project/package?

I just don’t understand why calling the constructor will make the design open java service make a FULL STOP.
I tried to insert a print inside the other project but it never shown up.

Thanks for any help