Is it possible to create a mode-dependent power budget?

Hi, I have various budgets for a system (which might include mass, power, cost, communication link budget, and others). Today these are all managed in separate Excel documents by separate people, without any hope of linking between workbooks. I’d really like to see if we can retire separate Excel files, updated asynchronously, and build more data into a shared system model updated often. Is it supported?

Take the example of a power budget, usually made at a point in time in Excel.

I’d like users to assign property values of power (W) to each individual component of theirs in the Capella model which consumes power, and then allow us to query the sum of component including all sub-components, or query the sum for the whole physical architecture, or for each configuration item, to get the total power consumption.

Next I’d like to know if it’s possible to have a different set of powers for different modes or states, in order to use the model as a mode-dependent power budget. The STANDBY mode of course would use less power than the OPERATIONAL mode or SURVIVAL mode. (Or in the COLD environmental state, we’d use heaters, so would consume more power).

As a final step, I suppose outside of the model, then I’d like to see if through some sort of Markov analysis I could calculate the average or overall energy consumption over the life or over some interval (e.g. between maintenance or recharging), as the system switches through the modes. But I guess for that we’re back to Excel or Matlab.

You may use PVMT to create the attributes you want. To support the different Modes, I suggest you create an attribute for each mode.
The calculations can be made using Python4Capella.
Enabling several users to author multiple data on multiple elements in parallel would probably require the usage of Team for Capella.
You may contact Obeo to discuss all these topics further.
I hope it helps.
Stephane Lacrampe

Hi Jay,

PVMT is indeed an option.
Another one is to develop a specific viewpoint based on Capella Studio. This may be slightly more complex and demand development skills, but it produces more powerful extensions supporting scaling up (large models performance).

Pros and cons are summarised below:

The Basic Price viewpoint available on the addons page, although simplistic, can provide a good starting point.