Is it possible to copy/paste a model in another project?

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I have a doubt regarding how to interact with capella and its models. Is it possible to copy the diagram to another model as copy/paste, because I try to do it and it is not possible, a tab is shown like this one:

The solution is to have both PAB in the same folder or can not be fixed?

Also, when copy an element in the same diagram/model, the values of the properties that it has, are deleted and I have to fill them again, is there a solution?

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Rather than copy paste you can diff merge between projects.

Look at the inbuilt Capella help guidance on EMF Diff/Merge Guide and the steps are explained how to do this.


Hi @Omar, it is not possible to cut-and-paste diagrams between different models. This is because the modelling elements you are trying to paste on to a new canvas do not exist in that model’s database. Remember that a diagram is simply a particular view of the model, but it is not the model in itself.

As @JoshWedgwood has suggested to achieve the equivalent of a cut-and-paste operation you need to firstly make the modelling elements available in your receiving model by performing a merge operation from the donor model.

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