IP of the Product

Hi, We are using MBSE for our product architecture & engineering. Does designing on Capella change the ownership of our IP ? Thanks

No, it does not. Capella is distributed under the Eclipse Public License, it has no influence on the IP of what you are producing with it.

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Thank you Stephane. I was going through the link and wasn’t sure of the IP ownership : https://www.eclipse.org/org/documents/Eclipse_IP_Policy.pdf

This document relates the IP policy of the Eclipse Foundation related to content that you contribute to the Eclipse Foundation (like committers who contribute code to projects hosted by the Eclipse Foundatoin) or that the Eclipse Foundation is hosting (content on their website…). When you use Capella, you’re not contributing anything to the Eclipse Foundation, this document does not apply. What applies is the Eclipse Public Licenses under which Capella is licensed.