Involvement line end points in OCB not staying in desired position / connection points on OEs and OCs

I created an OCB diagram and have Involvement lines (also Includes and Extends lines) between the OCs and OEs (see left hand side image below).
The OCB model is saved and closed. After reopening the OCB, the Involvement line endpoints have shifted around and moved from where they were originally positioned (see right hand side image below). This makes the diagram look messy. Sometimes when you zoom in then it appears like the line end points have moved to where they originally were positioned but on zooming out or printing the image they appear incorrectly. .

I have also noticed it’s not that easy to move the end points around using the mouse i.e. the end points don’t always track under the mouse cursor which leads to them ‘jumping’ around the image so some patience is required to position them. It would be nice if the line end points would snap and stay on the placed positions similar to in other diagramming tools

This behaviour occurs with Snap to shapes, Snap to grid, Show grid etc both enabled and disabled. Now I have them all enabled as this helps for other diagrams.

Has anyone experienced this behaviour in OCBs or other diagrams and what can be done to fix it please?

Has anyone else experienced the behaviour described above with the endpoints of lines repositioning themselves after saving the model and/or reopening the diagram on that view?
Where is the correct place/forum/bug tracker for this possible bug be registered (capella / sirius)?

Does anyone else think there is a more general enhancement required for the way line/arrow end points are connected to the diagram elements and positioned using the mouse in Capella?

Or is it just me and my OCD? :confused: