Interface specification and its relation to MSM


I am currently doing research into generating interface specifications and states/state machines from Mode State Machines, so I would like to for instance show an interface is related to a certain (part of a) Mode State Machine. Is there a Capella-native way to specify this, or should this be done outside of Capella?
In fact, is it possible at all to link a Mode State Machine (the complete diagram) to a single component, actor or function? All I have found so far is that transitions or states can be linked to certain functions of a component, and that in exchange diagrams the modes or states can be linked to the component. However, these are not exclusive to a single component but rather to the complete system.

For example; Say I have two components and 4 states, then I can assign all 4 states to both components. Instead, I want to limit this assignment of states to a subset of components by specifying what states belong to what components/interfaces.

Thanks in advance!