Installing Capella vs Capella Studio and the need for JMV

I noticed 2 things:

  • Older versions of Capella Needed Java installations, whereas newer version of Capella had “their java” within the installation, or something like that? I might be wrong.
  • Capella Studio, on the other hand, ALWAYS needed a java installation!

I was using a computer that had no possibility to upgrade Java or Java Virtual Machine (JMV) and I noticed that:

  • Capella V6: worked fine!
  • Capella Studio v6: It needs a java update! (or JMV update)


Isn’t it possible to release versions of Capella Studio that do not need JMV upgrades? Having their “own JMV” sort of thing?
Thus, making it easy to “develop” with CS, in any environment.

Yes indeed, capella embeds now its own java.

Not perfect solution, but if you have installed both capella and capella studio, you can edit eclipse.ini of the capella studio installation to refer to the java of capella installation

something like : (relative or absolute path to the jre/bin)


at the top of the capella studio eclipse.ini



It worked!
But you have to put the “-vr” before “-vmargs” in order for it to work.

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@KaBe @pdulth
Worked in here as well, thanks.