Incremental Updating a viewpoint

What is the best practice process for incremental updates of a viewpoint created with Capella Studio?

I would like to deploy a beta release of a viewpoint to a project and then update it later with a production release. How do I ensure any modelling done with the beta viewpoint isn’t erased by detaching it and installing the replacement viewpoint?

Hi Paul,

Well, by definition, there is always a risk in deploying a beta version :wink:
A good practice would therefore be to deploy only Stable Releases (or at the very least a Release Candidate.

More seriously, I would avoid detaching the viewpoint which would be tantamount to intentionally deleting its data.

For the rest, there’s no magic bullet. Either you have tested the new version and are confident of its compatibility. Or a model migration is required and a migration tool should be provided with the latest viewpoint version.
I’m not saying that a new version will necessarily bring issues, just that its deployment should be anticipated.


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Thanks Samuel.

So just replacing the plug in and seeing whether the aird file can still be opened by Capella is the starting point, and then testing etc before release and replacement?

If you haven’t developped this plugin yourself or haven’t access to the code I guess you would’ve no choice but to adopt such a trial-and-error approach.

If you’re the developper, you should have a good overview of the changes made and therefore be able to anticipate the impacts and the possible associated update procedure.

That said, in any case, it would be good practice for each new version to be accompanied by a clear release note including possible impacts on existing models.

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Understood. I think it’s just about developing the experience to identify what are breaking changes and what aren’t. I won’t deploy until the meta model is stable at least. I don’t want to get into writing migration methods yet…

Thanks again Samuel. Have a good weekend.