Increase size of description field for requirements using Requirement VP



I am using Requirement VP to manage requirements and following the following method

  • in the System analysis, create a “Capella Types Folder” called “Types”

— in the “Types” folder create a “Data Type Definition” called “String”

— in the “Types” folder create a “Requirement Type” called “SSS Req Type”

------ in the “SSS Req Type” create an “Attribute Definition” called “Description”

--------- in the Properties window of “Description”, select the Data Type “String”

Then :

  • in the System Analysis, add Capella a Capella Module called “SSS Reqs”

---- in the “SSS reqs” module, add a Requirement called “SSS_01”

-------- in the properties window of “SSS_01”, select Type as “SSS Req Type”

-------- in the requirement “SSS_01” add a String Value attribute “Description”

------------ in the Properties window of “Description”, select the Data Type “String” :

---------------- select Definition as “Description” among the available choice of the for the “SSS Req Type”

---------------- complete the Value Field with the textual description

The problem I have is that the Field is too small for a real description (limited to 80 characters)

How can I add one or multiples fields that are not limited to a String (80 characters) for the description, the rationale, … of a Requirement ??? …

Is the limit of 80 characters happening when you enter the data or when it is displayed in a diagram or in the project explorer view? If it is just a display issue, then this is a parameter you can change.

There is a preference to increase the 80 characters limit.

See documentation here


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Thanks !

But the limitation does not come from the display :frowning:

What I would like to have is the possibility to add to a (Requirement), an element that would be “free text” (in order to add to the (Requirement) a long description or a rationale,…)

The only elements that I can add today are “simple” types :

  • boolean
  • date
  • enumeration
  • real
  • String
  • integer

The alternative solution is to use the “text” thumnbail in the (Requirement) properties, but this is not satisfactory, as I would like to differentiate a description text from a rationale text, for example . Typically having the possiblilit to add elements like “text” to a (Requirement) is needed, as String is limited to 80 chars.

I did the same as you and I do not see a limitation of 80 in the size of the attribute value. I can enter texts that are way more than 80 characters.

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Thanks ! You are right… I retried, and it works !

but I do not see why I previously detected that limit.

Maybe I was confused by the 80 chars limit for the display …

I have read the referenced page… but to be honest, I am struggling now with AQL.

1. 1st problem
The AQL scripts I have for VP Req display is the basic one, but it does not seem to create display as expected. For example the CR char (\n) is not effective … .the field contents are displayed without any line feed between them

"aql:OrderedSet{self.ReqIFLongName, self.ReqIFName, self.ReqIFChapterName, self.ReqIFText}->select(s | s != ‘null’ and s.size() > 0).prefix('- ')->sep(‘\n’)"

2. 2nd problem
I would like also to have the longName displayed in the label, but it is empty ?!? only the “R” icon is displayed in the label (without any text)
“aql:self.ownedAttributes->select( a | a.definition.ReqIFLongName == ‘IE PUID’).value”

I have tried also :
“aql:self.ownedAttributes->select( a | a.definition.ReqIFLongName).value”
but it does not work

3. add Req attributes in the display
I would like to have the “code” attribute (String) I have created for the (Requirement) to be displayed in the label … how to do this ?
I would like to have the “description” attribute (String) I have created for the (Requirement) to be displayed in the content … how to do this ?