Import Standard such as ISO80000

Does anyone know how to import such a standard ISO80000 because as you know Capella is not standardized like SySML, is there a short way rather than creating a library from scratch ?

This is not fully accurate :slight_smile: Tools are not standardized, but Arcadia is standardized:
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Usually our teams build libraries that can be reused later by other teams. They share them as Capella Library projects.

If somebody has already defined libraries to share, don’t hesitate! You can use this thread or the Labs for Capella (

I’m sorry, I didn’t get your second answer, I’m asking about applying this standard on my model, how I can do that ?! or first of all, is it possible ?

I dont know this ISO 8000 standard, sorry. I can see 2 options, but to my knowledge both would need some work:

  • I understand that you can download the ISO 8000 types as a XMI file. In this case, the question would be about a bridge XMI --> Capella. If it doesn’t exist, it would need to be developed
  • The alternative would be to use Class diagrams in Capella and define the types following what is specified in the ISO 8000. You can do this in a Capella Library model, so you can reuse (import) the library in future projects.

If you go with option 2, and you want to contribute to the community, you can upload this ISO 8000 Capella Library in the Capella Labs :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this great help Juan, but if you can support me with more information about the nature of this bridge if I have the “Standards let’s say any standard as a XMI file” what is the nature of this bridge or how can I do it ?

Thanks for your time

Hello. For your information, at Thales, we have developed a viewpoint implementing the OMG’s MARTE Standard. It includes an implementation of QUDV [1], a sub-part of SysML to express Quantities, Units, Dimensions and Values. QUDV supports ISO/IEC80000. No importer was implemented yet.

[1] Annex C.5 (

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