Import of requirements from IBM Doors to Capella and making traceability

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Is it possible to Import requirements from IBM Doors/PTC requirements tool to Capella and making traceability between capella model and IBM Doors/PTC requirements?
does capella support?

Yes, the “requirements” addon allows to import a set of requirements from a ReqIF file. See
So you can import requirements stored in Doors or PTC (or any other req management tool able to generate ReqIf file).

Hi Samuel,
Thanks. please conform me one point. So Is it also possible to do bidirectional traceability between Capella and Other requirements tool(ex:PTC requirements).
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It depends on what you mean by bidirectional traceability.
The main use case is :

  • to use an external repository as a references for the requirement management
  • to import relevant requirements in Capella
  • to allocate them on model elements in order to perform traceability analysis
  • optionally, to reimport them through an iterative import mechanism (preventing to overwrite previously imported ones)
    So, the intent of this addon is not to “replace” DOORS or any other requirements management tool but to allow a proper integration of Capella with such tools. In other words, requirements engineering is managed by a dedicated tool while needs analysis and architectural design are part of Capella’s domain.
    In other words, you will be able to link requirements and model elements, to create relation types, etc. (see user’s guide for a complete feature overview) in Capella. However, you won’t be able to access this information directly from the requirement management tool.
    If you are looking for complete integration, you may consider Siemens SMW and its integration Capella/Teamcenter.
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