Import/Export ReqIF


I’m trying to export a ReqIF file from Capella, but I don’t understand how I can do that. Is it possible and do you know where i can find a tutorial ?

Also, I tried to import a ReqIf file in Capella but I have this error message and I don’t understand what to
means so if someone have an idea to fix that I would really appreciate !



Regarding export, as far as I know there is no feature to export requirements from Capella to the ReqIf format. Maybe someone else has some information about this.

Regarding import, there is indeed a restriction on the content of the ReqIf file you can import.
You may create a module in your ReqIf file by importing the file into Capella (with the Requirement Addon installed), and opening it with the reqif editor. A sample reqif file with the correct structure can be found in the test projects.


Hi @ArnaudDieumegard I have managed to import a ReqIF to my project, however, the user attributes (e.g. VnV status) that I have created in Doors module were not imported into Capella against each requirement.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Hélder Castro

Hello, @HelderCastro

As you already know, the embedded documentation (Eclipse Menu > Windows > Help Content > Requirement addon section) and specifically the section related to the importer preferences contains the information for the import of custom attributes.

I managed to do the import using your settings file and a sample ReqIf file where I have declared a requirement with your custom attributes Sample_CustomAttributes.reqif (8.5 KB)


I have no access to DOORS so I cannot generate the actual ReqIf file so it may be the reason why it is not working. If you could share a sample file then maybe we can find the problem.


Hello @AliceAmsili,

From the documentation, you can find some other limitations among which is the “no export” limitation.


thank you! I’m going to look at that very carefully.

Thank you @ArnaudDieumegard for supporting this task.

I have managed to import your Sample_CustomAttributes.reqif file and the attributes are shown. However, the “Quality Status” is not shown in the project explorer.
Capella forum ReqIF

In a different attempt, I have tried and reset all filters in the project explorer.

Same result.

I still can’t import my attributes in my ReqIF file.


Hello @HelderCastro,

In the sample I provided it was on purpose that I did not provide a value for the Quality Status attribute for Requirement 1 (a matter of testing what happens when an attribute value is not provided while the attribute is specified). So this is a perfectly normal behavior.

Under Capella with the Requirement VP installed, you can open the ReqIf file and edit it to add a value to the value and you will then be able to import it:


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Thank you @ArnaudDieumegard for all your help and availability.
I was now able to import all the attributes from Doors - > REQIF - > Capella.

In addition, to importing I was able to do a round-trip, that is, in Capella I traced textual requirements to model elements; exported to a .csv file - > Doors.
A new attribute was created in Doors that contains the traced element.

Hélder Castro