Image quality for HTML Export

v1.2.1 Team for Capella
Recently I have started having problems with the clarity of the images created when I use the HTMLDocGen add on. After further investigation, I have determined that I have the same problem if I use the “export diagram as image” feature with the HTML box checked. The images that are exported are always downscaled versions to the same file size regardless of the size setting. When I export to JPG or PNG directly, then file size changes appropriately and the quality of the image is clear from the nominal to the max size. Only the JPG loses some fidelity at the smallest size. The PNG created with the HTML option or with the smallest size is easy to read.
I have tried adjusting the Sirius Diagram preferences, but this does not seem to have any affect when the HTML option is checked or when I use the HTMLDocGen feature. It does affect the JPG and PNG direct exports.
Since I am trying to use the HTMLDocGen output to present to stakeholders outside the Capella tool, this issue has become a problem. I have used other installations of Capella on other PCs with no issue in the past regarding this feature. Also, one of my other colleagues is using the same version of Capella and is able to generate clear JPGs with the HTMLDocGen tool. We also saw that his images are also scaled down to a smaller size when the HTML option is checked in the “Export diagram as image”, but the images are clear enough to be easily read.
Any ideas on how to resolve this? I would like to use PNGs all the time with the HTMLDocGen setup, but I don’t see a setting to change this.

Hello Jason,
Unfortunately, there is no way to configure that with the available versions of xHTMLDocGen.
Can you please create an issue in the Polarsys bugzilla by following the link [1], please select the component “GenDoc HTML”.
Best regards,
Boubekeur Zendagui.