HTML model description links are not working

Dear all,
I have notice that in the my HTML model several “links” are not working properly.
To provide an example clicking on an OA the reader is direct to the entity owner descriptions and not to the real OA description box.
Same story for some interactions.
Do you know by chance why this is happening in the generation of the HTML model and how can I fix that?
Thanks in advance

Hi !
I will need a bit more information to help you. When you say “link”, my guess is that you have used the “description” editor and added a link image to a model element.
Then, when you say an “OA”, you mean an Operational Actor ? An Operational Actor is an Entity so the corresponding page states that this is an Entity and it is correct (it could probably state that it is an Actor, I agree).
Could you add some screenshots or details to help me understand your problem ?


sorry but I was on holiday so I could not answer before.

I try to re-explain better what is my issue.

I have an HTML model and in the nominal situation when you click on an iteration or an operational activity (OA) you should be directed to a generic page that collect:

  • Title of Operation activity
  • Description of OA
  • Involving Operational Processes
  • Incoming Interactions
  • Outgoing Interactions
  • Diagrams displaying “OA title”

In my case, clicking on some of OAs or interactions I am directed to a page that has entity owner descriptions and not the OA information listed above.

I was not talking about any external links.

Thanks for your time and answer

So,just to be sure, when you have an “HTML model”, you mean HTML web pages generated using the XHTML docgen addon for Capella. ? You should have a set of generated files looking like this (except the IFE folder whose name depends on your model): image

I have generated the HTML documentation for the “In Flight Entertainment System” shipped with Capella 5.1.0 and I do not witness the same behavior as you do. The expected output can be found here:
Can you try to generate the documentation for this sample model in your computer ? The model is shipped with the Capella release in the “sample” folder. Do you witness the same expected output ?

What is you system configuration ? operating system …


the HTML is generated with the XHTML docgen addon for Capella, without chaning the configuration and without modifying the source code of the addon
​We are using Capella 5.0.

I still have not find any solution for this problem.
I attach an Image that I hope could better help to understand the issue.

In some diagrams (like the OAB in the picture) for some reason, to get directed to the proper information you need to click in another position.
In the attached picture example|609x416 if I want to read the detail of the Operational Activity called “OA n1” I need to click in the red rectangular that is not located behind the visible picture (yellow OA box).
In those diagrams the offset between visible image and links create difficulties to quickly navigate in the model. You think to open a description but it open another element or actor description.
Only some diagrams are affected and I have also tried to reset the origins for those.
Could someone maybe help?


Sorry I failed to understand your problem, it is clear now. An I get that it is clearly a problem.
Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this behavior with Capella 5.0.0 and XHTML DocGen 5.0.0.
Which browser are you using ? Did you tried to open the html doc with another browser ?


I am using team for Capella Version: 5.0.0 and M2Doc HTML integration 3.1.1.
With different browsers we have the same issue.
we tested explorer and firefox.

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