HTML Generation diagram order

Good day all,

So currently I am busy with make a html generated capella model for my client. In the logical layer the LCBD was generated before the LAB’s which is great. This also happend with PCBD which was also exactly what I wanted but some cleaning was needed for the PCBD so i had te remove the old one but now the new diagrams are being generated below the PAB’s. How can i change the order of generation so that my PCBD is listed above the PAB on the website?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Hello Kars, and welcome !

Do you speak about changing the order of the System “Owned Diagrams” section ?

If so, unfortunately there is no options to change the diagrams order. But there may be a trick to achieve it. Open the .aird file using a text/xml editor and modify the order of the “ownedRepresentationDescriptors” elements. it will change the order of the output and should not affect the model in the Capella toolset.


Hey Arnaud,

That is what I wanted, but I think will keep it like this order because changing the aird looks a bit to scary for me, but will try it later with a copy. Thanks for the time to answer me.