Howto programmatically create Constraint object and add them in melodymodeller model


I have to create programmatically a list of Constraint to place in ModelRoot element but I can’t figure out how to create an instance of Constraint object. Is there a factory object to use ?




I’m missing the plugin in dependencies providing CapellacoreFactory

then create constraint instance by using :
CapellacoreFactory capellaCoreFactory = CapellacoreFactoryImpl.init();
Constraint aConstraint = capellaCoreFactory.createConstraint();

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It depends on how you use the Factory,
but you can probably use CapellacoreFactory.eInstance.createConstraint(); rather than creating a new one.

Once you attached it to an element,
((CapellaElement) parent).getOwnedConstraints().add(aConstraint);

you can also call CapellaElementExt.creationService(aConstraint); from ( org.polarsys.capella.core.model.helpers.CapellaElementExt ) to create automatically the OpaqueExpression that is created when you create a constraint using the tools.

You can add dependency to org.polarsys.capella.core.model.helpers and org.polarsys.capella.core.model.handler to have some helpers.

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