How to show created requirements attributes in the requirements content?

Hello, I want to show the attributes that a requirement has in the text. I have the requirement’s attributes imported correctly but I can’t find the aql expression that call those attributes. Let’s say I have an attribute called ‘Number of hours’ and I want to show it in the text, this would be my expression for it:

If someone know how to solve this please let me know, Thank you!!

I try somethink with my Requirements Preference (forget the end of the script which is for showing the reqIfName). It seems to work but I have only One StringValueAttribute. I am not sure that it works if you have several StringValueDefinition. It looks like that:


Hi David, it worked for one of the attributes that was a string, I think it might not work on all because the others are enumerations, but this allowed me to work around.
Thank you for the help!!

You could try somethink like that: