How to retrieve an OES/OAS type diagram

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Anybody know how to retrieve a OES/OAS type diagram?

I have tested several times the query below, trying several ways I did not find the good query that would allow me to retrieve the diagram.

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Query : self.containedOperationalAnalysis.containedOperationalCapabilityPkg.eAllContents(interaction::Scenario)->select(sc |’[OES] Scenario Owner Engineering’).asImageByRepresentationDescriptionName(‘Entity Scenario’).fit(400,400)

The quote you pasted here are special quotes, you should use ', but that’s probably a copy/past change from MS Word. Just make sure you have the proper quotes in your template.

The problems comes from the name of the representation description you are using. For EOS you should be using ‘Operational Interaction Scenario’. You can find this information by selecting the back of a diagram and using the following expression in the Acceleo interpreter:

If you use the new M2Doc interpreter introduced with M2Doc 3.2.0, you can use selection instead of self:

You can then use the description name in your expression (I adapted it to work on IFE example):

self.containedOperationalAnalysis.containedOperationalCapabilityPkg.eAllContents(interaction::Scenario)->select(sc |'[OES] Flight Phases').asImageByRepresentationDescriptionName('Operational Interaction Scenario').fit(400,400)

You can also use the availableRepresentations() service to list all representations available in your Capella/Sirius session:


For OAS diagrams, the name of the description is ‘Activity Interaction Scenario’.

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Thank you Yvan for your feedback.

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