[HOW TO] Replicate model elements in Capella

I am pleased to announce you the release of the first “How To video” for Capella on the topic of REC / RPL
In order to watch the video, please go to the following link:
We intend to release more How To videos for Capella.
We already have some ideas in mind:

  • Capella basics (Eclipse workbench, how to retrieve closed windows, presentation of the different views, basic navigation, import / export projects…)
  • Use of Capella Libraries
  • Model validation and validation profiles
  • Change management and collaborative work
  • Management of traceability links between requirements and Capella model (Requirement add-on)
    Please leave a comment on this page in order to give us your feedback on those topics (or propose new topics) to define what will be the next video!

I would suggest HowTo videos on creating/working with Modes and States diagrams, and also Scenario diagrams. These are the diagram types I struggle with the most.

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