How to replicate Basic Mass Viewpoint?

Hello, I’m learning how to use Capella Studio to create new Viewpoints. I would like to replicate the Basic Mass Viewpoint using the source code available here.

I’m using this youtube video tutorial and if start a new project and copy the code into the files (mass.conf.vptext,, mass.ui.vptext, mass.diagram.vptext and mass.spec.vptext) it still doesn’t work.

Is it necessary to configure any more files for the viewpoint to work?

Thank you!


When you state “it still doesn’t work” can you further elaborate ? Is there an error on the editor of the vptext files ? Any error during the generation ? Any error on the projects ?
The video is unfortunately a bit old and some info on it may be outdated.


No errors on the files, during viewpoint generation or on the project.

Here is a very short video I just uploaded using my smartphone.

As you can see when I activate the viewpoint and try to add the mass “boxes” from the right menu they don’t appear in the diagram.

Is it necessary to add any files to the viewpoints artefacts generated when the viewpoint is generated?

Thank you.

In the diagram.vptext there is a reference to a service “aql:self.getMassObject()”, did you retrieve the service class containing this service ( and added it to your generated .design service ?


No, I didn’t do that.
I’ll try that now. Thank you.

Hello again. Do you know if there is an updated or more complete tutorial about viewpoint creation?


You may find some documents here, here, and here.
There is unfortunately no updated content for viewpoint creation.


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