How to migrate Enterprise Architect model to Capella

Dear all,
We built system model in Enterprise Architecture , now, need to migrate the complete system model(whole model) to Capella without any restraint for exchange format. The migration will include all the model elements and diagrams. Do anyone know any solution /available plugin for the problem? and could you please give me some detailed material about the solution. EA have the capability to export to many kind of XML format, refer to the picture(

), i want to import exported XML format into Capella, but don’t know how. Do someone know how to import XML format into Capella? Thanks a lot!

You may be interested in the Capella-Enterprise Architect bridge:

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Stephane, Thanks a lot for your info. It talks about the migration from Capella to EA. I want to transfer the model built in the EA to Capella model. Do anyone know how to do it? Thanks a lot!


I confirm the bridge in only from Capella to EA.
What you want is not an easy transformation because the mapping between Capella metamodel (Arcadia) and EA metamodel (UML ? BPMN ? SYSML ?) is not obvious (it is not not one for one).
Maybe a good start is to export your EA model in EMF (I guess it’s EMF/UML2) and import it into Capella (Capella model is based on eclipse and EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework)) ; but it will be necessary to develop a transformation in java.