How to Integrate CAPELLA™ and a Simulation Software

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a project related to the aerospace industry where I am modelling an eVTOL and its use case scenarios.
The current model is already in an advanced state of development and now, after having defined all the “actions” my system should be capable of, one of my objectives would be to analyse the “reactions” of the system in order to check if its behaviour is in accordance with the initial definition of all the stakeholder needs and requirements (example: being able to detect objects in front of it and enter in a mode to avoid them producing the subsequent actions to maintain the integrity of the eVTOL).
To that extent, now I would like to be able to connect a simulation tool with Capella in order to simulate all the functional chains, state machines, and entity and exchange scenarios I have defined.

I did some research and I found the following very interesting presentations:

From the options here presented, the most powerful one seems to be the “Bridge Capella - Matlab/Simulink”, however, it seems that it is not yet available as an open-source tool and I don’t know if there is any chance of having a “beta” version for testing within my project.
That being said, could you give me some suggestions of tools or ways to proceed, whether it is open-source or not, Capella add-ons or external tools, that could help me to achieve my objectives?

Thank you!

As far as I know, simulation plugins are only currently offered by PGM and GLAWAY as paid addons (you can check the plugins’ page - these plugins are listed there).
If you don’t need a graphical interface, you may be able to simulate your model using Python4Capella to fetch/feed data. It isn’t as powerful as a native simulation plugin, though.