How to include Functions or functional information in state machines?

I understand that state machines are related to components and not functions, but I would like to create modes and states, and assign specific functions to specific states or transitions.

For example, a mode could have 2 states and the transition between the states will be handled by some functions I have created in the system architecture. A different function could be responsible for a similar behaviour in another mode.

Is something like this natively possible in Capella without addons?

You can use modes on Exchanges scenario, so model which functions are used depending on modes. For example, in the IFE example, there is an ES diagram at the OA level.

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hi stephane,

is it correct that this is not possible to do in a FS diagram?
when i try i get an empty wizard to select from.

It is possible on a FS diagram. The wizard is empty because you did not specify in your mode and state diagram that the function on which you want to add a mode/state is involved in this mode/state.

aah great! thanks for the tip.
was fully focussed on asigning the activities, thought that would make it usable in the other diagrams.