How to get selected element **Name**

I need to retrieve the name of the selected element
I have a below code, Please help me to find out it is urgent

ISelection currentSelection = PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getActiveWorkbenchWindow().getSelectionService().getSelection();
if (currentSelection != null && !currentSelection.isEmpty() && currentSelection instanceof StructuredSelection) {
StructuredSelection s = (StructuredSelection) currentSelection;
EObject element = (EObject) s.getFirstElement();

better late than never

You can do

if (element  instanceof AbstractNamedElement) {
    return ((AbstractNamedElement)element.getName())


You need to add dependencies to capella metamodel / basic helpers as described in this tutorial to have access to such api.
See Create-Addons#how-to-create-an-basic-addon-adding-a-menu


Thanks for your answer.

I find the name by using:

but your answer is more correct, My approach is to complex.


If the selected element is a type of **System User Requirement **
how to know that and how to retrieve the Requirement Id of that element

please find attached image for reference.temp

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