How to get rid of validation warnings from rules TJ_LA_02 (capability refinement) and TC_DC_11 (logical component realization)

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Capella and struggle with the model validation. This is a feature that I really like and I would like to make my model pass the validation without any validation issues. I understand that I can deactivate validation rules but that seems to be cheating and I’d rather clean up my model.

For a couple of validation rules, I can simply not figure out how to clean up the model. The rules I struggle with are:

  1. TJ_LA_02 “[…] (Capability) should be refined towards the Logical Architecture”
    I have transitioned the capabilites from the SA level to the LA level. Each capability has its corresponding Capability Realization (CR) on the LA level. The scenarios for each CR have been refined to reflect the more detailed internal structure of my system on the LA level (I’m using Exchange Scenarios here).
    => What’s the validation rule expecting me to do so that this warning goes away?
  2. TC_DC_11 “[…] (Logical Component) does not realize any System Component”
    It is my understanding that this is the expected design workflow. When transitioning from the SA to LA level, I have to introduce new Logical Components (LCs) for the internals of my system. Capella does not allow me to add any Realized Components from the properties of the LCs, this feature is greyed out in the properties dialog.
    => How can I fix this issue so that the validation warning from rule TC_DC_11 goes away?

I’d appreciate a lot if anyone can help me with fixing these validation warnings by cleaning up my model rather than by deactivating the respective rules.

Thank you very much in advance,

Hello. Normally these validation rules should check the realization links between perspectives. I wonder if you have identified some bugs here. It will be checked.


Thank you for letting me know and checking this. Please let me know if you need more details to check if there are any bugs. Since I’m on vacation right now, my responses might be a bit slow.

Best regards

Jürgen Dessecker

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