How to expand all packages/folders in Project Explore

Hello everyone!
I am Capella beginner and I have the need to surf in a quite complex model.
My project explorer contains many elements organized with multiple level of containment (a kind of hierarchy) and I would like to expand all levels. I have found in the tool bar the “Collapse All” icon, does it exist an “Expand All” icon/command?
Thank you very much in advance for you kind attention.

Hi Michele,

If your intent is to surf (and not display the whole model), the Semantic Browser can be very convenient. Especially using the F9 shortcut to switch from element to element.

By contrast, I am not aware of any ‘Expand all’.



Dear Samuel,
First of all thank you for your answer.
My request is to have a quick way to see and select all logical functions of my model in order to make a mass visualisation.

I think the easiest way to do this is to use the Search Function:
-> Ctrl+H
-> in the Search window, in the Capella Search tab (the first one), put * in the first text area “Containing text” and in the “Search for” box make sure you unselect everything and then select only the type “Logical Function” and hit the Search button:

-> Once you have the results, select your function, right-click and choose "Send to Mass Cisualization View

I hope this helps.
Obeo Canada

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