How to edit templates directly ?

Hello everyone,

I’m interested in the creation of my own templates for M2Doc.
My first objective is to manage to edit the basic templates provided with the example model. To do so, I wanted to install the Word add-in but I’m stuck in the installation because I cannot create shared files (because of my company not allowing me that).

However, templates are still pretty unfamiliar for me. Intuitively, I would just open the template.docx file into Word and write AQL queries directly in it. But when I’m opening those files in Word, I see nothing else than just basic format things (empty tables, titles, etc.) but nothing that looks like AQL here. So what do I miss ? How is it possible to directly/simply edit a template without the Word add-in ?

Thank you,


Hi Pierre,

M2Doc uses Word fields to declare dynamic elements. To make fields visible during the edition of your template in Microsoft Word, use ALT+F9. To insert a new field, use CTRL+F9.

See ‘Syntax’ section in for details.


Hi Samuel,

Thank you for your fast answer and well, I totally missed that piece of information. Helped a lot !