How to edit a core odesign file?

I’m not 100% sure if this is the correct way to go about this, however in the ‘functional analysis’ odesign file there is a list of ‘Function Types’. I wish to add my own to this such that there would be a “New Function Type 1 = 6” and “New Function Type 2 = 7” etc. Is it there a way to add to this list by editing the odesign file or should I be adding something in my own viewpoints odesign file?
Many thanks, Andrew

Hello Andrew,
What you see in the odesign file is a reference to the ecore file which defines (a part) of the Capella metamodel.
If you want to add new types of functions, you could edit the Capella ecore files and regenerate the Capella metamodel.
However it means that you will no longer defines extensions for Capella, but that you will directly modify Capella itself (create a branch of Capella code).
It also means that if you want to benefit from new versions of Capella, you will need to reapply your modifications on Capella metamodel on new versions of Capella…
So I think the best way to do it, is to stick to definition of extensions for Capella (viewpoint).
However, the property view of Capella functions will not include your new types of functions…
But you can create tools in diagrams in order to allow creation of your specific types of functions!

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