How to create a situation in Capella relative to modes and states

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I watched a webinar on YouTube about modes and states, and they talked about configurations and situations (the link below). But they don’t explain how to use a situation in capella. They skipped the step where they define modes and states in a situation.

If you know how to do it, or you have a video or a document with more detailed information about situations, please share it with me.

Modeling states and modes with Arcadia and Capella: method and tool perspectives | Webinar Capella - YouTube

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There you have to think about the metamodel you want to run… even if most of the job is already built in.
Let’s have a look at the time split during system life, at least my understanding of it:
First you have life cycle: from unit design and buit until disposal. until Physical Analysis, the only part you care about is Duty: when your system is used. This duty phase may be split in different subphases and when these subphase is short, or even sometime for all, you may call them situation. The period is set by the combination of actors states and reflect the state of the context in which the system is. I use to represent it with a state.
Then you develop the system and you have to design modes for your system that activates functions to support capabilities required during each life phase. Capabilities contribute to mission as well required during life phase.
In OA, no entity is called system yet: so each of the OE may run a state machine reprsenting its intern states.
In SA, we start to build the duty phase by combining OE transfered as actor to desicribe context state, and support phases with system modes (I represent them with modes)
Then in LA, we detect logical reasons to divide the system, including partial activity during phases or modes.
In PA we implement behavior roles in node components, so comes with each selected node its life phase, including process phases, and for our system, we have to think about its process time: build; repair; clean; refuel; and for unique unit or for sample units in serial production engineering and testing (unique unit have these phases before build or during build, serial have them for other units: the samples)