How to create a requirement using requirements VP?

I apologize if this is a silly question but I am fairly new to Capella. I just got the requirements VP installed and referenced to my model, but I am only able to add or link existing requirements to the model and elements.

How do I create new requirements within Capella? (I do not want to import from ReqIF).
For example, say I want to create a simple requirement in Operational Analysis that says “user needs to be human”. How can I create that?

You may want to look at the embedded documentation (although not the best one) in Help->Help Content and then Requirements Guide->User Manual
In short:

  • Make sure the VP is installed and activated/linked to the model
  • Create a Capella Module under the Op Analysis folder
  • Then you can create requirements in this module


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@StephaneLacrampe I am able to fully access requirementVP and add attributes and types to my model, but my coworker is only able to add modules and requirements. Have you any resources that could test the reasoning for this problem?

What do you mean by “my coworker is only able to add modules and requirements”? Do you get an error? Is the menu missing? Or just nothing happens when he tries to create one?
Most likely the third option, and that would be because he does not have the right filters on his project exporer: see this section in the embedded documentation: Menu Help->Help Contents and then Requirements guide->User Manual → Edition of requirements

This was exactly it. They didn’t notice that their filters were on, Thank you.

Do not forget to activate the “Show requirements in the semantic browser”. Most of the times (at least when we start to use the Requirements VP) we forget to activate this feature and we may start thinking where are the requirements.

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