How to create a Configuration Items Breakdown diagram

I try to generate a [CIBD] diagram with the EPBS Activity explorer (or with "new Diagram/Table). It creates nothing. Does this fonctionality exist and how to activate it?


I’ve not had issues with either method to generate a CIBD.

  1. From the EPBS Workflow > Define CI Components > [CIBD] Create a new Configuration Items Breakdown diagram
  2. Under Project Explorer > EPBS Architecture > Structure > Right Click on Structure Folder > Configuration Items Breakdown,

A new CIBD diagram is created [CIBD] Structure as default.

With regards to any settings that deactivate generating a diagram, I have not seen this but maybe one of the Devs can comment if this could happen.

Thank you for your answer. Indeed, if I creates a new Capella Project, It works.
Concerning my working Capella Project, initially, I didn’t create a EPBS step, I created it recently (capella.aird → click right → new EPBS ). Perhaps, that’s why it doesn’t work?

Yes, it’s likely that if you don’t have EPBS initially selected it will not allow you to create the CIBD. That would make sense.
Good you have solved this issue. :+1: