How to cite ARCADIA for scientific use?

I would like to use the following figure from ARCADIA’s website for scientific use. Does anyone know how to obtain the image rights or how to cite it?


Hi. It is the website, so you can cite the website in your paper. Myself Icite it like this:
[Capella] Capella, 2022a, Capella Website:

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Do you also know if I’m allowed to use the image in my paper? Or do I have to ask someone for copyright permission?

The image is actually used in multiple papers by authors/maintainers of both the arcadia and capella projects. For instance, In this paper by Navas et al., it is used as Figure 4 (without a source), so you can always just use this source to cite the figure.
Generally, for academic purposes you don’t have to worry about copyright as long as you cite the author, assuming you will not use the paper for any financial benefit by selling it.