How to add Acceleo plug in to capella

hi everyone
how to add Acceleo plug into Capella
and what is the use of Acceleo

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You can install Acceleo using the Eclipse update site corresponding to the Capella version you are using. To know which version to use you can check the target platforms form M2Doc. For instance for Capella 1.4.0 the corresponding update site is:

Then you can watch this video on how to install an update site. You can filter on Acceleo to see what features are available for installation.

Acceleo is a text generator that use templates and models as input. The documentation and other useful resources can be found here.

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Hi YvanLussaud

Thank you so much for your quick response

after adding the Acceleo download path how to add the TMS320 Related library to Capella

how to create project for controller (ex : stm32, TMS320).

Hi there,
In Acceleo, there is nothing specific to TMS320 or any controller like stm32.
Maybe some generic information:

  • Capella is a tool for doing mainly Systems Architecture, in the sense of Systems Engineering (Systems Engineering). It enables you to create architecture models of your system(s). Modeling a micro-controller is not exactly the same as doing system architecture, although one may use Capella in a certain way to do so.
  • Acceleo is a code generation technology (Acceleo | Home), enabling you to generate text/code from any EMF model (Capella relies on EMF). If you provide Acceleo with a template, il will generate text by applying this template to your model. But Acceleo does not come with any pre-defined template.

So if you know what you want to model, you may use Capella to do your model. And if you know what code you want to generate, you may create a template with Acceleo so that it generates this code out of your model.

I hope this helps.

Stephane Lacrampe
Obeo Canada

thanks for your responses

my question is after creating the project we are adding Capella elements to the project.

Capella elements contain a lot of blocks what is the use of each block( ex: class boolean type… etc)

how to use them
how to understand those data blocks
how we can use those blocks to over project

Have you looked into the documentation on this topic?
Especially this entry should help: Capella Guide > Thematic Highlights > Interfaces and Data Modeling in Capella